step 1 conviction vacated
step 2 freed from prison
step 3 compensation
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what is wrongful conviction

We can help you:

  • Obtain compensation under state statutes
  • When appropriate, file a civil rights lawsuit against anyone whose misconduct led to your wrongful conviction
  • Receive vocational counseling that will help you enter or return to the workforce
  • Find professionals to assist you with emotional and psychological healing

Civilized nations agree “it is better that ten guilty men should go free than one innocent person be condemned,” but today it is estimated there are more than 20,000 innocent people in prison in the United States. Wrongful conviction is an outrageous failure of our system of justice.

Wrongful conviction occurs for many reasons. With the help of organizations like the Innocence Project, some wrongfully convicted people will be exonerated and released from prison. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those who are exonerated after proving their innocence will receive compensation for the terrible injustice they suffered and the time they spent behind bars.

Cooper & Elliott helps obtain payment for people who have been – or who are about to be – exonerated and freed after being wrongfully convicted.

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